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More adventures from Felix ‘the homesick tourist’.

Alex Christie

30 January 2008

Felix ‘the homesick tourist’ is sitting in his B&B in London (remember the one that he found on Google Local Business. Felix decides that he is hungry and needs some food. Not keen for fish and chips or curry, Felix ‘the homesick tourist’ decides that he wants a pizza.

He dreams of pizza like his mother makes. Picking up his mobile phone he does a search for ‘mamma’s pizza’.

The search results are startling. Felix ‘the homesick tourist’ strikes gold and finds a pizza place down the street from his B&B called mamma’s pizzas. For a moment Felix forgets that he is homesick and he is a happy tourist.

This is called location-based advertising and refers to targeting the user where the phone is. The CEO of Google Eric Schmidt believes that in the next year there will be a huge revolution in mobile advertising.

Consultancy firm Forrester is predicting revenues of under $1 billion by 2012 but Schmidt believes this to be a massive underestimation.

Google wants to be a key player in this market and they are bidding for airwaves to launch an open US wireless network. This would mean that they would be competing against established telecommunications players.

Schmidt has dismissed the huge costs involved by saying that location-based advertising – would be "a very, very good business".



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