3 January 2008 | Team Tamar

IE8 in the hunt for web standards

IE has long come under fire for its dodgy standards support. So much so that Opera filed an antitrust complaint with the EU last month. The developers at Microsoft have somewhat hit back by announcing that IE8 now renders the "Acid2 Face" correctly in standards mode. This has been well received by the web development community who for years have had to write their CSS for standards compliant browsers and then re-write it for IE.

I was a bit disappointed to see my choice of browser fail this test (Firefox2, though it does work in the beta of Firefox3), that was until I tired in IE7 and couldn’t help but laugh.
It seems Microsoft are really starting to listen to the web standards community, particularly since Molly quizzed Bill Gates on the transparency of IE8, which resulted in Microsoft’s developers first posting something about it.

The post by Microsoft makes some interesting points about standards but this is very welcome news for all of us who work with the internet.

If you want to try the Acid2 test in your browser, click here
This is what it should look like:

Acid2 Face

Team Tamar

  • Robin

    Nice – Opera renders everything perfectly – Explorer six has an absolute meltdown…

  • Kristian

    Yeah it works in Safari too (well v3).
    Haha, I just noticed the nose goes blue when you hover over it when it’s working properly!