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Google Local Business Center Coupon

Alex Christie

30 January 2008

Many companies are still not using all of the services available to them on Google, often this can result in a considerable decrease in their online revenue. Google Local Business Center is one such example.

Let’s pretend I am an Italian tourist and want to visit London and I am looking for a “cheap B&B” to stay. I do a search in Google and I get 213,000 results and 83 PPC ads – but no map results.
Cheap b&b london search

Since I don’t know where these B&Bs are located in London – I try to do the same search on a Google map:

Cheap b&b London

The first results are Hotels and they all look to be around Victoria. But no special offer.
Now I am sure that there are lots of B&Bs all around London and Google Local Business Center offers the chance to display your special offers to attract clients with the coupon idea.


The poor Italian tourist has still not found the "Cheap B&B" he was looking for, but he has found two great discounts for his lunch.  Maybe the pizzas will not be as good as Mamma’s pizzas, but he has managed to save some money for the Hotel.

By using services such as this, companies will not only be dominating more of the real estate available to them, but also capitalising on valuable opportunities to market their discounts and other unique selling points.



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