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Google Base Pt 1: How Do I Get My Site Listed in the Google Local Results

Alex Christie

23 January 2008

Since the day Google first introduced local listings at the top of the results page, they’ve been gradually forcing the natural listings below the fold.

As a result, Google base has become increasingly important in achieving “above the fold” listings and optimising Google base feeds is becoming a new sub-genre within Google SEO.

Now, when I search for Paris Hotels it appears to have become even more critical than ever. There is now only one natural result visible above the fold (at 1280 x 800 screen resolution)


With the top 3 positions taken by sponsored ads, a huge portrait oriented map and the list of Parisian hotels a – j, hotel names, URLs, reviews and contact telephone numbers, there’s little room left for organic results.

So what’s the deal with getting listed in Google Local?

Well algorithms change, so rather than test and make assumptions about how Google scores and ranks these listings – Here’s a good general rule of thumb:-

Get listed in multiple categories and complete as many of the attributes as possible:-

For example:

If the local results in your vertical includes a telephone number and the category you’re getting listed under doesn’t have a telephone number attribute, you can be sure this information is being pulled from another category.

With hotels as the example: the way to get listed in the local results is to submit both to the hotel category and the business listings category. If you collect reviews on your site, submit them the relevant category.

Alternatively you can contact us and we’ll do it for you. :)



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