29 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Google adds experimental views to search results

More great possibilities from search leader.

Google has added three experimental views to its list of possible alternatives to the usual vertical list of web pages delivered in search results yesterday.
All of the latest additions, that are available for users to try if they have a Google account, are available on the Google Labs site. Some of the latest experiments include a “map view”, a “timeline view” and an “info view”.

The “map view” will provide users with specific direction and information related to their search results. It will provide a street or satellite map that could be very handy when trying to find a venue for a night out or finding the Astoria in London. So you will know exactly where you are going!


The “timeline view” is similar to the “map view”, but for various dates online. E.g. if you were to Google “Liverpool FC” it would provide you with a timeline of the club’s rich history and all of their European and British Championships, etc. In the top right hand corner there is a setting for users to choose the length of the search from days, months and years.


The “info view” is added to the right hand side of the traditional search results and it will give users the option of rearranging the results in order of importance with relation to images, measurements, dates of even locations. E.g. if you choose “dates” in a search for “Black Flag Discography” it would give you a list of the band’s album release dates from “Damaged” – released in December 1981 to “In My Head” that was released in October 1985.

The technology lead for the project, Andrew Hogue said, "If you run a search and find many of your results are looking similar, try using info view, it may highlight the differences between results and help you select the best page for your needs."
Google is constantly expanding its services and setting the standard for search engines and whether other engines will keep up remains to be seen.

Team Tamar