11 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Facebook Limiting Profile Apps to 12

Facebook have announced on their Developer Blog that they’re launching a new "profile clean-up" tool in response to users complaining that other peoples profiles are getting too cluttered. Similar to the windows "clean up your desktop" tool, it will trim down the number of applications (including the Facebook-own apps like Wall, Mini-feed and the like) down to 12 on your regular profile, with the rest being moved on to an "extended profile" – all completely optional of course.

I’m all for this – I’m getting sick and tired of getting invites to crappy applications that don’t do anything (or worse, apps that don’t do anything and won’t even reveal their outcome until you’ve invited your friends to use it too) and I’m sure that this feature will serve as a reminder to most users that applications are optional and not everyone wants to overdose on them.

Of course it will probably enfuriate a few Facebook application developers – considering a lot of these low-quality apps rely on spam to propogate themselves (rather than actual quality recommendations), a bit less screen real-estate will hopefully help to shorten their lifespan.

Addditionally, the other bonus is that your profile page will load a lot faster – ironically, this is something I’ve always found to be more of a problem with MySpace than Facebook. And don’t even start me on how annoying it is that those stupid MySpace profile songs start playing before the "stop" button even appears, forcing you to endure your friends awful choice of music for a few seconds before being able to stop it…

Team Tamar