9 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Dataportability, Facebookology an End to War and Suffering.

What you’re about to read is probably the most important blog post I’ve ever written or ever will write.

Just before Christmas, I predicted that Facebook would open up in response to Open Social.

It stands to reason that a company who have not only built entirely on Open Source technologies, but who have also contributed to the evolution of these technologies must philosophically have a bias toward openness.

Yesterday, Benjamin Ling from Facebook joined the DataPortability.org workgroup, along with individuals from Google and Plaxo.

"Their joint support of the DataPortability initiative presents a new opportunity for the next generation of software – particularly in the fields of social software, user rights and interoperability."

So what has any of this to do with an end to war and suffering and what is facebookology?

When I consider the volume of social data that is currently stored and the rate which new social data is being gathered it blows my mind.

I believe that what we’re seeing unfold is, without doubt the most important stage of mankind’s evolution since the invention of the Internet its self – a bold statement, yes.

Before you dismiss my bold statement, I’d like you to consider the following:-

Unifying Social Dynamics (Construct Zero) – written by my good friend and former US military intelligence officer, Mark Joyner.


Through the deliberate selection of universally beneficial common goals and the creation of cross-border activities to attain them, a dynamic of global social unification and forward progress will be created.


All human conflict has been caused by division, or the perception of division.  National divisions have caused wars.  Religious divisions have caused crusades and jihads.  Class divisions have caused revolutions.

People will be less likely to participate in the cross-division conflict if the following occur: the division is removed, the intensity of a division is lessened, or the perception of the division is lessened."

Facebookology is the firm belief that facebook (and the social web) can and will bring about an end to war and conflict by unifying social dynamics.

It is my firm belief that the social paradigm shift we’re witnessing will unify social dynamics sufficiently to bring about an end to war and suffering

Consider this…

Within 5 years the planet will be so deeply interconnected that it will be impossible for our governments to justify wars, mainstream media will be unable to provide enough spin to gather support from the people to go to war, newsfeed type social feedback will make the suffering immediately visible and transparent.

Not only do I firmly believe that the social web will bring an end to war and suffering, I also believe that an interconnected world (humanity 2.0) will find ways to coexist in harmony.

Team Tamar