17 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Call to Action / Conversion #5

Contact Us?

If the customer has clicked on the Contact Us button then your website hasn’t really done its job. A good website should identify any questions and answer them.

If users are frequently asking the same questions then they should be addressed on that page, rather than the customer having to travel to the FAQ’s section.

If in order to answer a general query requires somebody to make a phone call or reply to email then this a something that is costly to you and frustrating for the consumer.

However, there is a reason for the FAQ and that is because 80% of users want to know the same thing. Where they are too many questions, create a variety of FAQs and make them as easy to reach as possible.

Did you know?
Dell.com was the first company to record $1 million in sales in 1997. Since then they have applied several principles to improve their site on daily basis. One of the things they do is employ web producers. Each web producer is then responsible for an area of conversion on the site. Given aggressive goals and reporting regularly to senior management, ensures that the conversion rate of the site is kept at the top of initiatives.

Team Tamar