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Call to Action / Conversion #4

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
16 January 2008

Quick ideas to improve online conversion

Ask yourself the following questions from the customers perspective:

Can I find the item I’m looking for?
Can I find something that interests me?

-    Put top sellers on you homepage (show items that are cool, intereting and desirable)
-    Test your navigation (categories, naming etc) with customers
-    Show related items

Do I really want this product?

-    Display large product images
-    Headline the results the product promises
-    Feature benefits in the copy (and make it easy to read)
-    Include recommendations

Can I get it for the right price?

-    Add a limited time promotion
-    Use free shipping
-    Show comparisons and competitors
-    Use slash through pricing

Can I trust this company?

-    Clean up the site design (less is more)
-    Add testimonials
-    Have the security certificate clearly visible
-    Include privacy, contact us and about us pages
-    Show a phone number on every page
-    Highlight your money back guarantee

Can I buy this easily?

-    Add a call to action on every page
-    Add reassurance statements (security, guarantee, delivery etc.)
-    Show a phone number on every page
-    Show costs clearly
-    Reduce buying process to as fewer pages as possible.



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