4 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Bebo Crowned “Best” Social Network

Bebonikeclash Social Networking site Bebo has trumped it’s more-publicised rival Facebook today, after it was praised as being the "Best Performing" (whatever that means) Social Network by the famous experts at "Computer Which?" magazine… It received top marks due partially to it’s recent efforts to ramp-up security for users, and it’s emphasis on protecting it’s young visitors from data theft and unwanted attention.

The magazine said the site scored well for encouraging "responsible networking" by enabling site users to restrict who and what can see their profiles, and block unwanted "friends".

Facebook came in a very close second with 74 to Bebo’s 79, with Bebo presumably scoring well on the young-user-focussed categories mainly due to almost half of their user base being under-17 (so you can’t blame them for making it a big priority). Facebook apparently lost points for their security features being "confusing". "Our expert felt it was confusing to find out and change who can see what about you," they said – though it worries me a little that they only have one expert! "Plus, it wasn’t easy to find out how to permanently delete our account."

Yahoo! Groups scored worst of the 10 sites judged by the magazine, with only 59 per cent. "Yahoo! Groups lacks many of the features people often associate with social networking groups," they said.

The criteria for scoring seem to have been based on "ease of use", "performance", and the "functions" which they offered.

Other sites in the list included MySpace with 67%, Windows Live Spaces with 65% and Friends Reunited with 62%. Saga Zone was also praised for it’s performance and discussion groups.

Team Tamar