24 January 2008 | Team Tamar

Baidu launch Japanese search site

Chinese search engine launching Japanese search site.

Chinese search giant, Baidu, has launched a Japanese-language site yesterday.  There will be more competition in Japan and Baidu will have to work extremely hard to crack the Japanese search market where Yahoo! Currently leads the way from Google

Robin Li, Baidu’s chairman and chief executive said in a press conference that they had taken extra care in ensuring legal compliance with all of Japan’s copyright laws.

"We are very excited to officially enter the Japanese search market," Li said.

He also added that Baidu’s expertise in the Chinese language would help ease the stress of launching a Japanese based search engine."Given the success we have already encountered after nearly one year of testing our beta site, we are confident that we can provide a high quality Japanese-language search engine," Li added.

According to a report by Motoko Hunt, Baidu’s algorithm has been crawling very aggressively to index Japanese pages ever since Baidu announced that they would be starting the new site. 

The aggressive crawling has however had some negative effects as many site owners are sceptical about their sites being crawled constantly and this in turn has prompted many of them to set tags avoiding the Baidu spider to crawl their site.

This in turn means that Baidu’s indexing won’t be as good or comprehensive as the other established search engines in Japan.  Their search results may be hampered at first but as time goes by and they establish themselves on in the Japanese search market I am sure that they will adjust their algorithm’s crawl pattern soon enough.

Baidu enjoys immense success and dominance in the Chinese search market, but this will be a very big test and only time will tell if they can make the transition across the border and compete with the other search giants in foreign web space.

Just as I was about to post the entry I found this little bit of ironic gold, according to Danwei, a site for Chinese media and advertising, China’s Net Nanny has already blocked Baidu’s Japanese site. This demonstrates the Chinese search giant’s willingness to lessen their censorship when going abroad without fears of breaking any online regulations.

Team Tamar