14 January 2008 | Team Tamar

9 Facebook Tips That You May Not Know…

NOTE: As some of these tips are out of date now (though not all), we’ve done an updated post with 7 more tips.. Click here to read it!

Here’s some tips from a seasoned Facebook user, which should help even the most experienced Social Networker get a little more out of our favourite social network…

1. Added applications don’t have to sit on your profile

Contrary to what the default options for most applications would have you believe, adding and interacting with an application on Facebook DOESN’T automatically mean that it has to clutter up your profile. As well as getting an opportunity to restrict this at the “add new application” stage…


…you can also click “applications” in your left-hand menu at any time, and customize it from there too. Just click the little “edit settings” link next to each of the applications, and you’ll be able to further customize them – you can change who sees them, where they appear, whether they’re allowed to send you e-mails and a few other bits and bobs. Perfect if you’re getting spam from an application in your e-mail – though if you’re being spammed by an app, you probably don’t need it that much!


NOTE: Applications should never ask you to install anything on your PC – if ever an application says something like “Now, to get the full benefit of this application you need to download and install this program on to your PC”, report that app to Facebook (click “about” next to the app on the list, then click “Report Application” on the right-hand menu…)

2. You can change the way different people see your profile

When you add a new friend (or accept somebody who has requested to add you), you get the option of only showing them your limited profile. This is particularly useful if you’re adding somebody you’re not quite sure about, or adding a work colleague (for instance) who you don’t want to see your holiday snaps or the contents of your wall. If you’ve already added somebody but then decide you want to change their settings later, click on “privacy” in the top right corner and you can add people to your “limited profile” (or even “blocked” list) – plus you can click “edit setting” to edit what is actually included in your limited profile as well.


3. Your News Feed is fully customisable too

I often get frustrated because whatever controls my news feed (presumably an algorithm of some kind) has decided that I need to hear a lot more about a certain person – and when I do, I change my settings! You get to your mini-feed settings by clicking on “preferences” in the top right corner of the feed itself. As well as telling your feed to show you more or less about certain people, you can also use their snazzy slider bars to adjust how much your feed shows you about things like photos, status updates, notes, groups and the like.


4. Use friend lists to gather friends together in collections

I won’t spend too much time on the new “friend lists” feature, as I wrote quite a comprehensive post on it when it was released back in December; Needless to say they’re a very nifty way of “grouping” your friends in to lists, from which you can then communicate with them a lot more simply. Your friends will never see what lists you’ve added them to – so don’t worry if you add them to the group “People I don’t like much”, they’ll never know!

5. Most Facebook elements can be dragged and dropped

Because Facebook is built in a fancy, web 2.0 way (lots of Javascript and DHTML, or so I’m told) it’s a lot more customisable than you might at first imagine. Your profile for instance can be rearranged to your hearts content by dragging and dropping elements to change where they appear…


As well as your profile, your left hand menu can also be customised. You can drag things between the top (always visible) menu and the bottom (which is only visible when you click “more”) – you can also drag applications in to this menu from your application list. This can be useful if, like me, you’re always playing on certain applications and want to be able to access them from anywhere.

6. Photo comments can be read an album at a time

One of the big things that helps me save time is being able to see all the photo comments in an album at the same time, without having to click through each of the pictures. It might not seem like a useful feature at first – after all, you usually want to see the photo that is being commented on don’t you? But if you find that people keep adding comments to the same album over and over (as they do in some of the family albums I’m tagged in!), you can save quite a bit of time by clicking “View Comments” at the bottom right-hand side of any album’s main page…


7. Don’t want to be a Zombie? Block the App!

If you’re getting annoyed with the same invitations to the same applications over and over (my personal bugbear at the moment is Texas Hold’em Poker!), you can block the application from sending you any more invites. It’s easy to do and saves you cluttering up your feed with hundreds of different invites to play the same thing – but it still lets you add the application if you change your mind later! All you need to do is click on the application’s name to go to it’s “about” page and then click the little “block application” button on the right hand side. Easy! You also get the chance to do this in your notifications list by clicking the X next to the application snippet, though this only removes the notifications from the list and won’t stop people inviting you still…


8. Poking people lets them to see your profile, and vice versa

Whilst most people think that “poking” is just a means of grabbing another user’s attention, it actually originated as a way for you to check out somebody else’s profile without having to add them as a friend first. For instance, if I was searching for a school friend and found several people with the same name, but their profile photo didn’t help, I could poke them all. They’d all then see that Henry Elliss had poked them, and with any luck one of them would recognise me and poke me back. We could then check each other’s profile for a week and have plenty of time to see if we really were the people we thought we were – so to speak. The same thing happens when you email someone who isn’t a friend – they can see your profile. Unless of course you’ve updated your privacy settings!


Clicking on “Edit Privacy” on the above pop-up takes you to a page that shows a list of people who you have poked in the past – and who can subsequently see your limited profile still! So be careful who you poke, and customise that limited profile too.

9. Make friends more easily with a Facebook badge

The Facebook Badges page lets you create a neat little banner which you can use on a blog or other website to let people know you’re on Facebook.


Clicking on this banner will take users to your public profile – basically a version of what people find when they do a search for you within Facebook, and also the page that comes up if your Facebook page gets listed in a search engine result – don’t worry, it’s very limited as you can see with mine below!


So there we have it, hopefully some useful tips for getting more out of Facebook. If you’ve got any good ones that I haven’t mentioned, leave me a comment so we can all share them.

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  • http://www.thebetanews.com Dennis Bjørn Petersen

    Great tip.
    I found tip #1 and # 4 really useful.

  • gemma scotney

    how can you check who has accessed your profile and how can you let friends see photos but stop them from copying or using them?

    • http://facebook todd

      how can someone block you from seeing them through a friend that was on there list, not a mutual friend. If someone else has account and can go to a friend that was on Tom sight to see Tom

  • http://www.dotcomsecrets.com Joy

    I didn’t know number 2 and 3..^^,..thanks for sharing it with us HEnry..^^

  • http://www.quenet.org/ Web Design Canada

    Nice post, I’m such a minimalist for my profile 🙂

  • olivia

    how do you look at somebodys profile and photos without adding them as a friend

  • jon

    if you make your profile more private, does that restrict whos profile you can see?

  • Kasey

    Question if I keep application icons off my profile and block it from the feed and that can my friends still find out what applications I have? or is there away to block them from seeing only certain ones? As well could I find out if someone is blocking me from seeing applicaitons they have on their profile?

  • AMYY X

    answer to all of your questions.
    you can not see who has looked at your page or any information. It is impossible as it breaks privacy regulations of the website.
    If you want to look at someone elses page without adding them as a friend poke them and hope they poke you back you can then acces their page for a week ( it says this in the article) also you could get one of your friends to add them for you and just look on there profile? otherwise if your not in the same network c’est impossible.
    restricting privacy setting on your own profile will not restrict profiles that you are trying to veiw.
    answer to the last question no its impossible
    and if your too embarrased for others to see it then your not grown up enough to have the application… right?
    hope i helped.

  • http://www.awomaninbusiness.com Erica @ A Woman in Business

    Thank you for the helpful information, especially number 8. I kept hearing about poking but now I understand how to use it.

  • Emily

    How do you bring back an application after you hide it?

  • edward

    Is there any ways of making money that i may not no about ?
    thanks ed

  • kiki

    How do you block your pictures from being copied?

  • fred

    get a life

  • sarah

    i used an application called view any profile even it’s private and it didn’t work. is it joke or am i just using in wrong?

    • sara

      there are NO FACEBBOOK applications that allow u to see whos looked at ur profile and i’m warning u of this bc clicking on that stuff will leave u w a very annoying virus-or 3…i looked into it and i assure u from personal experience…no way to do it, at least not w out plowing out a handful of money-fb needs to play catch up here-myspace, which is ancient it seems now does offer that and it automatically pops up on your homepage listing the top five people-updated every month-who veiwed your profile the most-w the amount of times! hope i helped and don’t waste ur time trying to find a way…believe me, i already wasted enough for ya!

  • Ahmed

    U R really perfect
    Thanks alot

  • Ahmed Khallaf

    Good tips
    Thanks alot

  • ali

    if i dont have someone as a friend how do i look at there proflie

  • http://flashyandfly.blogspot.com Andre Buxey

    Great post Henry…

  • vk

    I have clicked on several other peoples pictures while in my “friends” profile. Today I noticed one of them added me as a friend. If I click on someones picture, will it automatically ask them to be my friend?

  • Adam M

    Hi – I’d heard that there is a way to monitor the traffic on one’s FB page.
    Are you familiar w/ this and if so, do you know how to do it?

  • nickzie

    mmm…… for tip number 8, i dont think we can poke if we are not their friends…….

  • http://www.colemanbook.com Bill

    I have clicked on several other peoples pictures while in my “friends” profile. Today I noticed one of them added me as a friend. If I click on someones picture, will it automatically ask them to be my friend?

  • http://blog.alexguest.me Alex Guest

    Amazing how out of date this now is! Facebook has evolved so much in the last 18 months.

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  • fobo

    facebook pages hang a lot – only the simple commands work now

  • Rachael Meese


    Got a couple of queries for you.

    1) Can a facebook ‘friend’ find out who you have been searching for even if you haven’t added who you are searching for as a ‘friend’? Also if someone knew your Facebook password, can they find out from your own profile who you have been searching for?

    2) It is possible now to go on to someone’s profile, look at it and view their photos even if they are not your ‘friend’. If you do this can they see that you have been on to their profile / photos? And is it possible to find out who has viewed your own profile / photos?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    • http://twitter.com/henweb Henry Elliss

      The answers to your question: 1) No, nobody has any access to your Facebook search data – not even you or somebody who has your password. The only exception might be if the person logged in as you is using the same browser, the *browser* might remember what you typed in. Not likely though. 2) It seems to be a bit more open now, especially if you are friends-of-friends. But they will never know you’ve looked at them, the same way you can’t see who has looked at yours (unless they commented on them, of course)

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