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Yahoo! announces search trends of 2007

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
3 December 2007

Top trends of 2007 were published today

Yahoo! has announced their top search trends of 2007 with some interesting but not unexpected results. Here is a brief run down of our 3 favourites and you can see the rest on the Yahoo! site.

Top 10 news stories

The top news searches were dominated by the USA – either local stories or global stories which the US has a heavy involvement:

1. Saddam Hussein
2. Iran
3. Iraq
4. President George W. Bush
5. Oil and Gas prices
6. Barack Obama
7. Hillary Rodham Clinton
8. San Diego Fires
9. Afghanistan
10. Virginia Tech

Top 10 environmental searches

2007 has seen environmental awareness go from strength to strength. The result ranked in sixth position suggests the impact of the media on the general public; you can draw your own conclusions from this!

1. Recycling
2. Global Warming
3. Freecycle
4. Earth
5. Pollution
6. Al Gore
7. Environmental Protection Agency
8. Live Earth
9. Hybrid Cars
10. Solar Energy

Top 10 in tech

A mixed bunch grouped under this single category with some surprising absences across the online, gadget and gaming categories. MySpace anyone? 

1. YouTube
2. Wikipedia
3. Facebook
4. iTunes
5. iPod
6. iPhone
7. Nintendo Wii
8. Xbox
9. Sony PlayStation 3
10. Guitar Hero



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