6 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Why do we search on Google?

One of the questions that I like to ask my clients when I start my presentation on “what is SEO” is: Why did people start to use Google?

Do you remember? 1999 – Google claimed to be – and was and still is – the fastest SE to deliver search results, compared to the more basic MSN and company. A simple page: white, one small logo, a fast engine, millions of sites in its index – and nothing else. We threw away the MSN search tool – which was in our IE2 or IE3 – and trust the fastest engine.

Google SE  was also the first one to have an algorithm that considered external links as a good review for the target site, the idea behind this was: why would you link to site X if it was not relevant for a certain subject (or keyword). So links became important.

But links can not do magic – if the site is not appropriate. We tend to forget the important philosophy that has made Google so popular as a Search Engine. It delivers the best results for search – compared to what the other SE do.

At Google people care about results – the Google algorithm is engineered to give the users the best results for their search. It’s all about the best results for the users – so content, usability and accessibility are (and should be) the main object of a SEO activity to improve visibility on Google.

Team Tamar

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