13 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Should you pay more for bigger sized clothes?

It appears the same metaphor can be applied to the Interweb.

Broadband_copySo the debate of ‘Use More; Pay More’ has awakened some discussion (again) when it comes to the world of bandwidth. Fortunately for the little people the cost will not be left on our shoulders (at least not directly), and instead the content providers will have to dig deeper to ensure the quality of their work.

There are of course people who like a good argument and a game of Chinese whispers, and Net Neutrality appears to be no different.
Essentially we will have to stop pretending that the Internet is a bottomless pit of data at some point, and it appears charging providers for the privilege of supplying it is the answer.

But is this fair? Many people disagree as neutrality is needed to ‘ensure the Internet continues to thrive’.Still, this will probably carry on for many years to come until someone makes a decision. Or until our connections get so flooded with dominating providers the users throw an international wobbly. Now all that is left is for us to play the waiting game! 

Team Tamar