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Realising the Power of Status and News Feed.

Alex Christie

31 December 2007

Having spent Christmas in York with family and friends, I finally realised the true power of the facebook’s status updates and the News Feed.

Firstly, I went out for a few drinks on Christmas Eve with some old school friends, many of them I’d not seen in years. This year however was different, even though I’d not seen some of these guys for years, I had a loose idea of what they’d been doing over the past 6 months thanks to their status updates.

Then on Saturday, as I walked through the cobbled streets of York to meet my fiancé. I bumped into another friend, Ben and even though I’d not seen Ben in a few months he asked “Have you finished packing for London?” –  He’d seen the status update I made a few hours earlier via the Facebook News Feed.

These two experiences over Christmas have lead to a profound realisation that facebook, with its mainstream adoption, is changing the dynamics of relationships entirely. Even though I’d heard this a hundred times from some of more fanatical Twitter crowd, it’s the first time I’d experienced the true power of the status update for myself.

As facebook continues to gain mass adoption through 2008, I expect more and more people will experience this and have the same realisation.



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