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Quintura: Alternative search engine of the year

Alex Christie

10 December 2007

Following on from their now infamous claim that “we are not afraid of Google”, innovative alternative search engine Quintura is going from strength to strength. Having scooped both a prestigious placing in PC magazines top 25 websites and more recently won Alternative Search Engine of the Year, an award presented by experienced marketer Charles Knight. 

Quintura is essentially a visual search engines that uses a tag cloud with the help of Yahoo’s index to provide users with a varied range of related searches.  Having the ability to visually navigate through related results means that users can select terms that they previously may have overlooked.  So although it may never threaten the big three’s dominance, Quintura has gained applause from some of the industries leading figures and may find itself being emulated by others in the future.

Top 10 Alternative Search Engines (provided by altsearchengines.com)

1. Quintura.com
2. Answers.com
3. Exalead.com
4. Omgili.com
5. KoolTourch.com
6. GoshMe.com
7. Aftervote.com
8. Kart00.com
9. Dialogus.com
10. Onkosh.com



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