7 December 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Quick Roundup of Search News

General Snippets From Various Sources

It’s been a busy week this week so here is a very quick summary of some news items we have not posted on in detail.

Matt Cutts has commented on a few interesting items including how to use your SEO ‘spidey sense’ in terms of getting links on directories. If it doesn’t look and feel right then don’t bother. The same applies to link requests you will get to your sites as well.

When we talk about SEO it does have a very technical aspect to it. But one of the biggest thing we rely on is ‘gut feel’. This may be for link requests, or what the Search Engines are planning in the future, or what is the correct rate of content addition or links aquisition for a site in a given sector.

This is something that you develop over the years, of course we back a lot of this feel up with the data we collect but it is something that cannot be underestimated.

There were also some comments on 301 redirects and preserving link juice. It was interesting to see that Matt says it is OK to chain several 301’s together but five may be too many.

Finally he commented on gaining links for SEO purposes from Top Level Domains in other countries. More specifically Russia and China. A lot of the spam is in English and so probbaly not relevant, and this is something Google will be looking at. Good news we say!

Yahoo also announced they are in the middle of an update with their rankings, so keep an eye on that. They also said that they now support the X-Robots-Tag Directive which gives more flexibility over which pages and documents are crawled and indexed by Yahoo! Search.

Finally, for the more forward thinkers there is a lot of interesting chat on Personalised Search on SEO By the Sea with some insights into how this may affect how SEO works.

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar