5 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Public relations and SEO really can help each other.

How these to mediums can compliment each other.

public relations and SEO are natural bed fellows and it always amazes me at the
resistance we get from some PR teams when we suggest that we could alter their
press releases to maximise the SEO benefit of the releases.

changes are often minor in nature and don’t involve any substantial change of
the content but slight tweaking that means that when the release is distributed
via online aggregators the main site gets the benefit as well as pushing out
the main messages in the release.

are a few simple things that you can do when writing your releases to make them
more SEO friendly:

Link to the product landing page you are talking about
* Use keywords in the title and introduction of the release
* Produce multiple versions of the release: one for plural and singular
versions of the keywords

measure the pick up rate of the release by setting up Google Alerts. You can
then check for referrals in your weblogs/analytics to measure the traffic you
get from the mentions. And the beauty of this is that it only costs your time.

it a go!

Team Tamar