18 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Pubcon Top 3

It’s not been long since the end of the coveted Pubcon 2007 and it seems like some gems have surfaced.

My Pubcon top 3 so far have been:   

1. Stephan Spencers interview with Matt Cutts
Matt advised using the Search Engine SDK for Flash and gave a simple explanation as to why Google have the Flash problem in the first place.
Other titbits include confirming that a good link is just a good link, regardless of being on a .edu domain and that social bookmarking links are not inherently devalued unless done so by the service provider.

Another interesting topic was Matts views on the use of humans in search; he also mentioned a case when an entry would be manually de-indexed. 

2. Subdomains and subdirectories
There was some "confirmation" on the use of subfolders vs. subdomains and host crowding; this was covered in an earlier Tamar post so I will not cover that in detail but you can read the earlier post.

3. Interview with Neil Patel
Lee Odden interviewed Neil Patel who revealed a rather unorthodox approach to generating Youtube subscribers.

Team Tamar