4 December 2007 | Team Tamar

MySpace Transmissions – Confusing!

MySpace appear to have soft-launched their new "Transmissions" service (profile?) today, with James Blunt’s face splashed all over the page. It’s not entirely clear what the service does (or indeed what any of those sliders do!) but according to MySpace it’s a "music program that empowers top recording artists with a new platform to create and distribute exclusive video content available for viral distribution and audio tracks available for purchase in the U.S". That clears that up then.


Go have a play with it here and see if you can figure it out better than I have. I suspect the sliders may do something to James Blunt’s dulcet tones, but I’m not brave enough to put them on while he’s crooning to find out one way or the other!

Team Tamar