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Matt Cutts On Selling Links

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
3 December 2007

Examples of why paid posts are not such a good idea!

Matt Cutts has posted an interesting observation and examples of why paid for posts on blogs are not such a good idea. It’s a bit of a read but basically it pointing out the innaccuracies of people writing and adding these sorts of posts.  And while in some respecst this can be harmless or time wasting it can also be very misleading and dangerous, see the medical examples Matt cites.

He also points out that many of these posts do not follow Google guidelines such as No Follow tags or blocking the content with a robots.txt file. Disclosure of these sorts of posts is also soon to be law in many countries including the US as far as I know.

While I agree with Matt on most of his points here it’s a wee bit hard to take when sites using solely ‘paid for posts’ rank above sites using far more legitimate SEO techniques. But I would say that ;)!



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