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Lost in London – Google, Gumtree and Ian to the Rescue

Alex Christie

13 December 2007

Just a brief introduction. I’m the new guy from up north. I recently moved to London from the beautiful city of York and I must admit it’s been quite a culture shock both in and outside the office.

It took something quite special for me to uproot and leave York for London, and for me that reason was Tamar. Having decided to uproot, the reality soon kicked in, just to give it a little perspective, prior to moving here, I’d only ever visited London three times and two of those were as a child.

Finding suitable accommodation from all the way up north isn’t the easiest, but thanks to Gumtree I quickly found the perfect apartment and as an interim measure, while my apartment became available, I stayed with my old school buddy Ian.

Day one in the big city happened to be the birthday of another old friend who I’d not seen years. Ange had booked a table at a swanky Hoxton bar, where we headed for drinks and sushi.

Having taken the tube from Balham to somewhere north of the river, we soon ended up lost. Equipped with only my dated, yet trusty Nokia mobile phone and an install of maps for mobile – we weren’t lost for long.

Thank you Google, Gumtree and Ian for making life easier for me here in London.




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