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Life after Google?

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
17 December 2007

What else is out there?

This is not a report on aliens, at least not until they tell us we can write about them. What we are looking at are the Search Engine alternatives available to you both now and in the future.

As Search moves in Search 3.0 (blended/universal) and Search 4.0 (social) and inevitably 5.0 (anyone?) there are actually quite a few different search engines already out there and many more being developed. Now the cynic in me says so what, this has always been the case and how many have actually got to the point where they are household names?  Not many.

But make no mistake, there are plenty of people and companies out there all looking at Google’s pie and saying mmmmmmmm, I want some!

Following on from Neilson’s post last month on Quintura here a few more Search Engines to watch out for. By the way, many of these are still in devleopment and cannot be used just now but bookmark them and keep an eye on them as they may be the next big thing.

So here we go:

  • Surf Canyon: using next-generation semantic personalization technology – ok!
  • NosyJoe: social search engine using clustering and tags
  • Cuill: pronounced ‘cool’ is said to index at 10 times less Cost than Google
  • Zitgist: pronounced ‘zeitgeist’ offers a new search paradigmwhere users describe characteristics of their search target, instead of relying entirely on content keywords
  • Mobot: mobile visual search technology
  • Foxmarks: community powered search

This is all very interesting, seriously, but for those of you who were around a few years ago you may remember that Alltheweb was offering really good search results, equal or better than Google in many cases but it never really took off. So you do need more than just great technology and a weird name to get noticed.

If you want to see other and new Search Engines check out Altsearchengines for news and reviews.



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