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Google under investigation?

Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
3 December 2007

How did Google become the international corporation that it is today?

Globe_screen2_2 Has Google grown to proportions out of their own control and too big for us to comprehend?  Well, the search giant is under simultaneous investigation by the US and European anti-trust agencies and the probe comes after Google’s buyout of DoubleClick as it is deemed by some to be against public interest. This would make Google even stronger than they already are in the online advertising market. 

Google is already a major player in the sector without the display adverts seeing as they already have an extremely profitable non-display advertising dominance.  The EU is however investigating the search engine’s approach to privacy and as they have been working under their “Don’t be evil” motto since the companies birth in 1996 I am sure they want to be given a clean bill of health!

As of late the acquisition of smaller companies by internet giants has become more frequent and this means that they are simply building their market share by buying other companies. How this fits in with Google’s mission statement is up for you to decide!



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