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Flickr Finally Launches Picnik

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
6 December 2007

The Flickr Blog today announced the launch of the long-awaited new Photo Editing feature in partnership with the experienced photo-wizards at Picnik. For those of you that haven’t visited Picnik before, it’s a great piece of on-page photo editing software that allows you to fix and touch-up your photos without even leaving the page. An integration with Flickr has been talked about for a while and today’s launch is great news for the average Flickr user like myself.


One of the brilliant features it gives users is the ability to "fix" photos. As well as the ability to fix a photo straight off, you can also do all the usual photo-editing tricks you would expect from a basic photoshop-type program – adjust contrast, sharpness, brightness, size, exposure, colour balance and even red-eye correction! I tried it out with a slightly dark photo that I took at Hereford Races earlier this year and the results are below – let’s face it, it can’t work miracles with a sloppy photographer like myself but it certainly improved the photo somewhat… Judge for yourself!





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