21 December 2007 |


The Money Programme special on facebook featuring your truly goes out tonight at 7pm on BBC2. I shall be out enjoying my last night of festive celebrations before I batten down the hatches for the family Christmas. If you are too set your DVDs/Sky+/videos (anyone still have one of those?) and watch at your leisure. Facebook really was the big digital story this year and I shall be fascinated to see how it comes across in the programme and what the other industry pundits have said about it. There are still some cynics but I remember the guy from 3i who told me in 1995 that “the internet is an American fad that’ll never take off”. I knew he was sooo wrong then and I know the naysayers about facebook are very wrong now. If you’re not on facebook already where have you been? You’ve missed the biggest party this year!

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