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Facebook “IS” no more…!

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
13 December 2007

Logging on this morning, I noticed that Facebook have finally bowed to pressure and removed the mandatory "is" from status updates. No longer will we have to limit ourselves to statuses that fit in with the "Henry is…" style – I can now "think", "say", "won’t", "fancy", "hate" and all sorts of other goodness – whatever you can think of in fact. Well, providing it starts with your name anyway.

Facebook seem to be trying to "transition" the change slowly, and have left the "is" in at the start of the box, but you have the option of going back and deleting it (see below):


I for one never really worried too much about the issue, but a lot of people evidently did – the group "Petition to Get Rid of "is" from Facebook Status Update!" has got over 180,000 members.

Untitled2_3In other news, Facebook also seem to have extended the auto-complete function in the search box, from just showing up when you type in friends names to now showing "brands" or fan-pages you have "fanned" – see example below:



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