3 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Facebook Indexed

Facebook is slowly making aspects of their massive reams of
data searchable and indexable. Firstly they offered the option to make public
profiles and groups and at the moment there are only 800,000 pages and groups
indexed in Google, while this might seem like a lot, it is only a fraction of
the pages they could have.

I did a bit of searching and it appears there are only 31,300
public profiles
listed in Google. This is a whopping 0.0006 percent of all
users on the social networking site.

These is some good news though, third party applications
will soon be made public and searchable – this might be a good opportunity to
do some excellent link building for SEO – so get your thinking caps on and
think of some lovely viral apps to help “spread your word”.

Team Tamar