19 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Facebook Friend Lists Arrive

Things must be very busy over in Palo Alto at the moment, as Facebook continue to roll out new features in time for the Christmas holidays. Today’s new addition is Facebook Friend Lists, a feature that’s been talked about for quite a while now but has only just materialised.

According to the Facebook blog: "The new Friends page lets you create named lists of friends that you can use to organize your relationships whichever way works best for you. These private lists can be used to message people, send group or event invitations, and to filter updates from certain groups of friends."

All seems rather sensible to me – you never know, it might even mean less "Pirates vs Ninja" invitations if you play your cards right (I might personally ask to be added to everyone’s "never send this person an invite to your silly new application" list…!)


As you can see from the shot above, the new lists are treated in exactly the same way as your normal Friends page would be – you can select to see people who have recently been added, recently updated their profile and all that good stuff. You can also do the old "Social Timeline" feature, which a lot of people forget about but I personally love!

The friend list shows a compacted version of your friend’s details, though clicking on each one expands them (see below) which is a nice touch. It doesn’t appear to be drag-n-drop re-orderable yet (unless I’m missing something?) but I expect that’ll be in the next release…?


All in all it’s a nice little addition to Facebook’s functionality, and seems to be just the tip of the iceberg. Right, I’d better go and set up a few lists… Who wants to be on my "People that like to get mentioned in my blog" list…? : )

Team Tamar