19 December 2007 |

Fab Stuff!


A HUGE Thank You to Waterstones and especially Peter Trembath and Sue Graveling (Sarah’s mum) at the Maidstone Branch for sending us loads of fantastic stationery to send out to the school.

The children will be completely thrilled and it’s especially nice now as gifts such as these allow us to keep our relationship with the school.

We have a shipment going out in early February so we look forward to taking some pics at the school when everything is delivered.

Thanks again Waterstones!

Sarah Graveling

Sarah has been working online as a designer since graduating over 10 years ago with a degree in Graphic Information Design. She worked at Tamar in her early 20's as a Junior Designer, then spent a number of years away before returning to the agency and being promoted to Creative Director. Specialising in Conversion Design, she strives for maximum conversion rates for many key clients and implemented the rebrand of Tamar's corporate identity last year.

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