13 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Enterprise SEO Bloomers – 7 Things You Should Never Do

If you’re guilty of some of my personal pet peeves (Yes, you know who you are!). You’ll no doubt be missing a trick. Best case… your search marketing strategy isn’t running 100% effectively, worst case… you’re rapidly approaching imminent financial disaster.

The following is a list of my personal top 7 things you should never do within enterprise:

  1. DON’T agree or sign ANYTHING related to a Content Management System until you’ve consulted your senior developer and SEO agency – you WILL regret it! (I know this sounds ludicrous but I’ve seen this happen)
  2. DON’T USE non-SEO friendly tracking codes in URLs (i.e. appending ?Ref=Q005) – just because it’s the way you’ve measured online activity historically doesn’t make it a good idea. Granted, it was great back in 2004, these days it’s duplicate content (unless you’re able to exclude it from the index).
  3. NEVER buy an old domain until you’ve checked out the natural link profile of the site. Pagerank 6 might look good in your Google toolbar, but if the green juice is poisoned you don’t want it to flow into your healthy site.
  4. DON’T PANIC!!!! if your site loses a place or two over-night a knee jerk reaction is not going to help you. Sit tight, explain to interested stake holders that this is simply a case of algorithmic bad Juju. Keep linking, adding quality content better still mobilize your users to contribute to your content and weather the storm.
  5. GET REAL! If the rankings you’ve enjoyed in the past continue to slip, take a look at the sites that have taken your place. If your on-page is as well optimised as theirs, then culpability falls with either your off-page link strategy, or history. (Hint: you can’t change history, but you can build links)
  6. If it ain’t broke, DON’T FIX IT! – Don’t take your well optimised, high ranking website and reengineer it, UNLESS you’ve got a plan to maintain or redirect the URLs. URLs carry history and changing the file name extensions from .CFM to .ASPX will lose their historic authority.
  7. DON’T launch a brand new site, on a brand new domain in a super-competitive market and expect to succeed unless you either.
    1. are able to differentiate yourself from the competition
    2. have a well planned social media strategy
    3. have deep pockets
    4. all three

If you take these points into consideration and follow good old fashioned common sense then it’ll all be good!

Team Tamar

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    Great tips. One thing I’ve noticed with PRs on expired domains is sometimes if they had been aliased from a site that had a High PR, without being 301’d they can take on the main domains PR, without having any links. When the next PR update comes along you’ll be wiped 🙂
    And as for CMSes I’ve been developing them for years and I’d say 9/10 will do you a disservice as far as being fully search engine optimized 🙂 As for the rest there usually proprietary belonging to the developers.