17 December 2007 | Team Tamar

Bebo Upsets Developers with Semi-launch

Last week we talked about how Bebo have now opened up their application platform to allow Facebook developers to integrate their apps without having to conform to the new OpenSocial standard with Google recently launched. Well, it seems that Bebo haven’t quite taken the plunge as quickly as some developers might like, having only semi-opened the platform for an initial testing stage.

All well and good you might think, but this semi-launch has upset a number of developers, since only certain apps are being allowed to integrate in this test period. Makers of apps that have been left out claim that the 2 week period where their competitors get a head start means that they have no chance of competiting. It’s a fair point, though it remains to be seen how much difference this 2 week testing period will make, especially considering most Bebo users will probably take some time to take it up.

Only 51 applications have actually been added so far (see screenshot below) and considering Facebook now hosts over 11,185 applications it looks like Bebo have quite a way to go. It’s not immediately obvious how they have picked the 51 that they’re running with, considering they haven’t added a number of hugely popular apps like Scrabulous or Best Friends – though they have added iLike, so I guess that’s something.


Will they all eventually be transferred over, or just the "creme-de-la-creme"? Only time will tell I guess.

Team Tamar