18 December 2007 |

BBC beta site

BBC beta home page: BBC beta site

notes on the beeb site:

greek letter (beta) isn’t the only Web 2.0 cliché that has been embraced:

corners: check,

gradients: check,

colours: check,


know how much I’d use it but I quite like the Drag’n’drop, and I’m loving the
clock in the corner. And some of the UI (user interface) features are a little
over engineered but they work well.

 For all
you (extreme) CSS fans out there, try clicking on the coloured tab below the
main image (eruuurgh), my personal fave is the BOosh!

Original article:  http://adactio.com/journal/1392/

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  • http://www.theyard.org.uk Dave

    I have to admit that the colours need some refinements and the idea that the whole site changes colour when you select a section does cause learnability issues, but the best thing – the old school clock.. How awesome is that? Just shows someone over 25 designed the site.