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And as if by magic….

Alex Christie

21 December 2007

Let it not be said that companies do not listen. I have been inundated with replies since yesterday suggesting sites that provide exactly what I’ve asked for – product videos. However, as with most things that sound too good to be true, it is, except for our friends at ASOS (As Seen On Stars) www.asos.com. Just use the “Click here to view catwalk” link on a product page to view their great offering.

Those in the dress-buying business (as a married man I’ve had to cut back) have let it be known to me that video could perhaps have the opposite effect to the one expected. Where a picture may entice someone to buy, a video might persuade them not to. Hey ho. My New Year’s resolution is to not even try to delve into the mind of the dress buyer.



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