5 December 2007 | Team Tamar

A time for giving

Christmas is just around the corner and online shopping records continue
to soar.  It’s the time for giving and the
spirit of Christmas inspires us to give something, particularly to those who
need it most.

One option is to use charity search engines. There are a number of
search engines that use searches to raise money from advertisers who in turn donate
the money to charity.  For some reason I was
initially slightly skeptical of the concept, but if they are delivering on what
they’re saying it can only do good, can’t it?

Here are a few of them.

EveryClick allows you to do a web
search or search for charities, fundraisers, images, news or shopping. You have
a choice of 170,000 UK charities that you can support and you don’t need to be a UK resident.

Another is option is ClickNow. It’s a UK based search engine and a partner of Ask. As you’d expect from a search engine,
you can search the web,UK web pages or do an image search. There are over 200 charities that you can  choose
to support

MagicTaxi is another one and amazingly
they give 50% of their advertising revenue to charity. A different charity
features on the homepage every day and if you prefer you can support just one charity of your
. You can search Yahoo, Kelkoo or Wikipedia and there’s even a tab
for travel search.

Another company that donates 50% of ad revenue is GoodSearch (which is powered by Yahoo). Apart
from the regular web search, image and video search, they have a shopping
search. There’s also a shopping page where you can shop for Christmas gifts.

And then there’s the appropriately named search engine Let Them Know It’s Christmas
which searches Google and whose revenue from Google Ads goes to the Christian
relief organization World Vision.

Why not give them a go?

Team Tamar