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Why I want the iPhone to work

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
2 November 2007

So I now know that I need to queue up at 6.02 at the O2 shop in Chiswick High Road next Friday to get my iPhone and trust me, I’ll be there – unless I can twist someone’s arm to queue for me (pay rise anyone…?).


I’ve been waiting for this day for a good few months with mounting excitement as I’m thoroughly sick  of the amount of gadgets I now carry round with me, BlackBerry, iPod, laptop, digital camera. And while I’m a BlackBerry addict and it’s never further than 6 inches from my fingertips (it even comes to bed with me and I’ve dropped it twice in the bath…) I find myself rather affronted by the ugliness of its interface and it doesn’t sit at all well with the rest of my uber stylish kit.

So I really, really want the iPhone to work and deliver on all its promises. I know it’s going to look beautiful and I can’t wait to actually hold one and marvel at another gorgeous piece of Apple design but I am worried about some of the negative reports coming out of the US since its launch there. BlackBerry users will apparently find the predictive text function very poor in comparison (that’s one of the things BlackBerry is brilliant at) and the battery life is rumoured to be low (one problem that will be instantly familiar to any BlackBerry user, I’m endlessly re-charging mine).

So, a few glitches are expected. But do you know what, I think everyone is queueing up to knock the iPhone because one again Apple has stolen a march and delivered a piece of technology that consumers are falling over themselves to own. I’m a huge fan of Apple, my first ever PC was an SE/30 (that’s going to date me) and I’m just waiting delivery of my new MacBook Pro with the new Leopard OS. Each time I’ve bought a new Apple product yes, there have been teething troubles but it’s very quickly made itself an integral part of my life and I’m quite sure the iPhone is going to do just that.

So roll up next Friday, I’ve cleared my weekend, I’m shutting the doors and turning off the BlackBerry and settling down to thoroughly acquaint myself with it. And this is one gadget that’s not going anywhere near the bath.



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