22 November 2007 | Team Tamar

The Great Facebook Stats Quiz!

Following on from yesterday’s stat-tastic collection of Facebook stats, I’ve collated a little quiz for you to try. All the answers were based on stats provided by Facebooks new Social Ads tool, and are correct at the time of writing. Come back tomorrow for the answers!

1) Which are you more likely to find UK people playing – Cricket or Rugby?
2) Where would the Chili Peppers sell more concert tickets – UK or Canada?
3) UK Film fans found which more enjoyable – Toy Story or Monsters Inc?
4) Which would French fans prefer to watch – Grease or High School Musical?
5) Which is more popular with US men – Classical Music or Musical Theatre?


6) Which city contains more single ladies (18+) – New York, London, Washington DC or Montreal?
7) Which Country would be best for wedding planners (i.e. most engaged people) – France, Egypt or Turkey?
8) In the USA, which CSI series has the most fans – CSI NY, Miami or Vegas?
9) In the USA, which of these film series has more fans – Die Hard, Lethal Weapon or Police Academy?
10) In which of these countries is Facebook LEAST prevalent – Dominican Republic, Lebanon, UAE or Malaysia?


11) Which book is more popular with Italians – The Bible or Harry Potter?
12) What would Canadians prefer to eat – Indian, Chinese or Thai?
13) Which show do the Israelis prefer – Family Guy or The Simpsons?
14) Which character is more popular in Australia – Ali G or Borat?
15) Which cult TV classic is more popular with the Americans – Knight Rider, Baywatch or the A-Team?


16) What healthy activity is most popular with the Japanese – Swimming, Running or Yoga?
17) Whose music do the French prefer – Sting or The Police?
18) Which games console do Canadians prefer – Wii, Playstation or XBox?
19) Which is more popular with Colombians – Trumpet, Piano or Guitar?
20) Which UK Force boasts the most Facebook users – The Army or the Navy?


Finally, which of these countries has the higher percentage of the following? (excluding people who have not specified)

21) Females – UK, USA, AUS or CAN?
22) Single People – UK, USA, AUS or CAN?
23) Conservatives – UK, USA, AUS or CAN?
24) Over 40’s – UK, USA, AUS or CAN?
25) High School Students – UK, USA, AUS or CAN?

Come back tomorrow for the answers (plus all the juicy stats for everything else!)

Team Tamar