23 November 2007 | Team Tamar

The Great Facebook Stats Quiz – The Answers!

For those of you that had an attempt at yesterday’s Facebook stats quiz, here are the questions again along with all the stats that make up the answers. How did you fair?

Rugby 1) Which are you more likely to find UK people playing – Cricket or Rugby?
ANSWER – Rugby, with 84,560 users compared to Cricket’s 58,080.

2) Where would the Chili Peppers sell more concert tickets – UK or Canada?
ANSWER – It’s a close run thing, but Canadians just about out-fan the Brits with 130,880 fans to the UK’s 126,440.

3) UK Film fans found which more enjoyable – Toy Story or Monsters Inc?
ANSWER – Toy Story won it with 17,000 fans to Monsters Inc’s 15,800

4) Which would French fans prefer to watch – Grease or High School Musical?
ANSWER – Grease‘s 1,000 fans easily trounced the HSM fans at 120!

5) Which is more popular with US men – Classical Music or Musical Theatre?
ANSWER – Classical Music 8,420 – Musical Theatre 3,620. ENCORE!

6) Which city contains more single ladies (18+) – New York, London, Washington DC or Montreal?
ANSWER – London tops the list with 166,040, while Washington would be a terrible place for a singles night with only 23,480

Ring_a086 7) Which Country would be best for wedding planners (i.e. most engaged people) – France, Egypt or Turkey?
ANSWER – The capital of love’s reputation is safe with 19,060 engaged users in France. Bottom of the list is Egypt with only 11,340.

8) In the USA, which CSI series has the most fans – CSI NY, Miami or Vegas?
ANSWER – Horatio would be pleased to hear that Miami wins it with 162,340 fans – compared to NY’s 20,540 and Vegas’ 9,320

9) In the USA, which of these film series has more fans – Die Hard, Lethal Weapon or Police Academy?
ANSWER – Unsurprisingly, Die Hard wins it with 152,800 – Lethal Weapon only managed 22,220 and Police Academy a pithy 4,280!

10) In which of these countries is Facebook LEAST prevalent – Dominican Republic, Lebanon, UAE or Malaysia?
ANSWER – The Dominican Republic only has 39,000 Facebook users

11) Which book is more popular with Italians – The Bible or Harry Potter?
ANSWER – You’re a Wizard Harry! You’ve got 2,940 Italian fans.

Takeout_small_212) What would Canadians prefer to eat – Indian, Chinese or Thai?
ANSWER – Thai makes a surprise win with 660 fans, compared to Indian Food’s 460 and Chinese’s 560.

13) Which show do the Israelis prefer – Family Guy or The Simpsons?
ANSWER – Family Guy pips the Simpsons with 3,620 vs 3,580

14) Which character is more popular in Australia – Ali G or Borat?
ANSWER – Stewth mate, Borat wins by a country mile with 8,060 fans.

15) Which cult TV classic is more popular with the Americans – Knight Rider, Baywatch or the A-Team?
ANSWER – Don’t Hassle the Hoff – Knightrider wins it with 5,380 fans vs Baywatch’s 2,040 and The A-Team’s 5,240 – I pity the fools!

16) What healthy activity is most popular with the Japanese – Swimming, Running or Yoga?
ANSWER – A lifeline gets chucked to Swimming with 1,820 Japanese swimmers, whilst Running has 1,360 and Yoga 840.

17) Whose music do the French prefer – Sting or The Police?
ANSWER – message dans une bouteille? Oui! The Police have 2,240 to Sting’s 900.

18) Which games console do Canadians prefer – Wii, Playstation or XBox?
ANSWER – XBox wins it at 9,420 vs Wii’s 5,840 and Playstation’s 1,640.

Xbox 19) Which is more popular with Colombians – Trumpet, Piano or Guitar?
ANSWER – Guitar wins it at 220, Piano has 160 and Trumpet less than 20!

20) Which UK Force boasts the most Facebook users – The Army or the Navy?
ANSWER – The Army comes out fighting with 240 to the Navy’s 20 or less. 

Finally, which of these countries has the higher percentage of the following? (excluding people who have not specified)

21) Females – UK (55%), USA (55%), AUS (59%), or CAN (58%)
22) Single People –
UK (39%), USA (52%), AUS (38%) or CAN (39%)
23) Conservatives –
UK (21%), USA (31%), AUS (17%) or CAN (25%)
24) Over 40’s –
UK (8%), USA (4%), AUS (7%) or CAN (13%)
25) High School Students –
UK (4%), USA (20%), AUS (2%) or CAN (15%)

I think we can all agree that we learnt some valuable lessons here today! : )

Team Tamar

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