21 November 2007 | Team Tamar

Google Custom Search going global

Google’s hosted search service for business users has been extended worldwide for the first time.

The service, which was previously only available in the US, lets users add Google search capabilities to their sites. A free ad-supported version is available but the paid-for business version gives site administrators more support while allowing greater customisation.

"For many organizations, a Web site is their window to the world and significant investment goes into attracting customers to the site," said Google’s European enterprise director, Roberto Solimene, on Tuesday. "Keeping visitors on a site once they arrive, however, is a challenge, and the absence of a search facility can be a major cause of a lack of Web site ‘stickiness.’ By improving the ease, speed, and accuracy with which users can find what they need, businesses can ensure their Web site justifies the investments made."

There are currently two implementations of Google Custom Search Business Edition in the UK. One of the user’s in the UK is the Parliament, which recently started using it to make its nine million documents more accessible to the public. The other users has been Monarch Airlines. Monarch Airlines have claimed that their in-bound e-mails have decreased by 30% due to the fact that visitors rather search for answers to their questions about baggage regulations and airline security than asking the airline directly.

Team Tamar