17 November 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Foo Fighters, Facebook and O2

Struggling to upload photos

So I was at the O2 Arena tonight to see the Foo Fighters and thought it would be fun to load up photos from the gig via my blackberry and Facebook for those sad enough to care. Like I  did at the Sex Pistols gig in Brixton the other day. (see my facebook profile)

But what happened? Not enough of a data connection to upload the photos! How annoying is that, in the middle of an arena sponsored by a mobile firm and not enough of a line to get the photos uploaded. Now I am on Vodaphone but was anyone there with an O2 contract and were you able to send photos through?

I think it just makes the point that Social Media is moving big time into areas of our lives that we perhaps didn’t expect it to, and when we cannot get the technology to work it is really annoying! There is a level of assumed conectivity that we all want and when it fails we are surprised.

Onto the gig, great of course, two hours of fun including lots of old and new tracks and guest appearances from Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen doing an old  number, Year of 39, on the satellite stage.

For those going tomrrow they are on stage at 8.45pm and play for the full two hours. Enjoy!

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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