23 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Yahoo! Follows Through on it’s Promise

Search Giant Reveals how it plans to go Green

In February of this year the internet search giant, Yahoo!, revealed it’s plans to offset it’s carbon footprint. Their carbon footprint is an estimated 250,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases spewed as a result of power used by the California-based firm.

Now, in a blog entry, Christina Page, director of climate and energy strategy with Yahoo!, revealed how the company is planning to achieve this.
"After much due diligence, Yahoo! has decided to offset its 250 thousand metric ton carbon footprint from 2006 through hydro power in rural Brazil and wind turbines in India.”, Page said.

"In Brazil and India there is a growing demand for electricity and a lot of that power is coming from fossil fuel. We want to encourage wind and water power." Their announcement comes as major technology firms in Silicon Valley go increasingly eco-friendly.

Team Tamar