17 October 2007 | Team Tamar

SMX Social NYC – Day 2, Part 1

This morning at SMX started with a talk from "startup adviser" Dave McClure, who gave a kind’ve "introduction to Facebook" lesson along with some tips on how to "game" Facebook to create buzz – for free. Tips like sharing sites with your friends to publicise them – kind’ve basic stuff. We didn’t really learn too much new stuff, but it’s always nice to know you have your finger on the pulse! After Dave came Helen Overland from "non-linear creations", who talked about how best to use LinkedIn – basically, it’s good for recruitment, though you can also utilise the "Questions" feature to (subtley) publicise your brand.

Finally for this session we had Cindy Krum from "Blue Moon Works" who evangelised about MySpace – some interesting points and some good examples but I have to say I wasn’t convinced. To be fair to her, she divided her presentation in to "MySpace WHOAs!" and "MySpace Woes", and gave quite an unbiased view. One key thing she did mention was widgets/applications – don’t just assume that your widget will work on all the networks, and don’t assume that just because you have a developer they will be good at developing good widgets!

The question and answer section at the end was quite interesting, mainly in the fact that it showed the panelists didn’t actually know that much about the social networks they were there to discuss – I answered a question about Facebook myself in the end. I guess this is understandable when Social Media is so new, though a I was a little disappointed that this session wasn’t more enlightening!


Team Tamar