16 October 2007 | Team Tamar

SMX Social NYC – Day 1, Part 2

This afternoon’s session at SMX Social featured an interesting session talking about the social news sites, particularly Digg. A lot of the content was common sense stuff, but there were some interesting points raised. The main take-home message was to definitely use things like Digg wisely – a story which makes it to the Digg homepage can send hundreds of links to your website, and the good effect it can have on your brand in the techy community is huge.

What was even more interesting than the usual "how to use Digg" chat was the "What not to do" – Press releases is a definite no-no, as is overlty selling using a Digg story. Also, don’t try to fake it – Sony made that mistake when they secretly dugg a bunch of stories about the PSP’s latest release, and got absolutely roasted for it.

A lot of the examples of good uses of Digg were the same as ones I pointed out in this blog post earlier in the year, though my favourite is still Blendtec – as well as their brilliant "will it blend" videos, Blendtec use Digg (and their knowledge that Digg users love Chuck Norris) to get featured highly regularly.

The last speaker of the three (I forget his name) also had some great tips about how to get your story to stand out amongst the 1,000 other posts that go on Digg every day. Things like using the Number 11 rather than the word Eleven; Make sure you submit your story to the right category, or it’ll get buried straight away; Include local-interest – people love seeing their home town in lights ("Hello Brooklyn!!") and will Digg stories about it too; Keep your description short; Think of an interesting angle – there’s a brilliant example in the shape of a badge company who wrote a great piece about buying the Radiohead album for $1000. And plenty more like that.

Next up is a session on social bookmarking sites…

Team Tamar