16 October 2007 | Team Tamar

SMX Social NYC – Day 1, Part 1

Well, we’re here at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC at the SMX social conference, 2007. It’s only the morning of day 1, but we’ve already learnt so much that I thought I should share some of the highlights. Best part of the morning for me so far has been the talk by SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin which introduced the event. Some of the top tips Rand gave include:

  • If you have been suffering from bad press as an individual, Social networks are great for pushing down bad results – social networks consistently rank well in SERPs
  • Social Media is ideally suited for branding and mind-share – ROI can be difficult but remember the branding opportunities are massive.
  • Brand advocates are taking full advantage of SM tools – ergo it’s also the best way to reach them and communicate with them.
  • Yahoo call brand advocates passionistas!
  • Contrary to what you might think, the East is leading the way in blogging. In terms of Blog readership, the top 10 is as follows: (1) Japan (2) South Korea (3) China (4) United States (5) United Kingdom (6) France (7) Italy (8) Poland (9) Germany (10) Belgium
  • Quality of writing consistently proves itself to be the most important factor to blog readers.
  • Meneame.net is a massive news sharing site – just as big as reddit for Spanish language users
  • Myspace may be bigger in terms or raw numbers, but Facebook is way better for "influencers"
  • You can submit to become a source at Google News – there are stringent rules but if you CAN get on there it will send you heaps of traffic.
  • Last week the New York times had user comments on it’s front page for the first time.
  • You can leave urls in comments on flickr. However, Flickr is not really about driving direct traffic, it’s more about creating branded traffic!
  • Use the new "shout it" feature on Digg to publicise your story.
  • Use members of a forum or community to get people to vote on your news story – e-mail round your work colleagues and friends, or better still creatre a mailing list of fellow diggers (or whatever news story site you use) and digg stories for each other.

Next up was a presentation on link baiting… more from that later!


Team Tamar