17 October 2007 | Team Tamar

SMX Social – 5 Good, 5 Bad…

I have to admit I am a little bored during the current session – you’ll never convince me that Second Life is anything but a novel fad, and I’m a pretty good evangelist already. But noticing the fact that my previous post is getting Sphun as I sat here, I thought I should keep posting!!

Okay, so one of the things we learnt yesterday was that doing "Top 10" lists is quite popular on site like Digg and Sphinn, but I thought I’d take a different, er, spin on this and do my Top 5 and Bottom 5 from the conference so far…

Top 5 Great Things

  1. Neil Patel’s enthusiasm – it’s like he is high on the drug of Social Media! His comment yesterday about networking rather than looking at porn was brilliant.
  2. The connectivity – the wireless here is brilliant, and there are plug sockets everywhere!
  3. The location – New York baby, yeah!
  4. The great quality of speakers – with the exception of a few nervous speakers, everyone so far has been really good, consise and backed up by great powerpoint!
  5. So. Many. Bloggers! – If I stop paying attention for a second I can catch up with one of the fifty people who are blogging live from the event!

Top 5 not-so-great Things

  1. The seating – the chairs on both days have been super-uncomfortable, and the floor (which I am currently sat on) isn’t much better.
  2. The sponsor stands – I understand the reason you need to let the sponsors have stands, but could they PLEASE stop chatting loudly during the talks?!
  3. The location – New York is brilliant, but being cooped up in a conference feels like a waste! 🙂
  4. So. Many. Bloggers! – It’s great that everyone is blogging, but sitting at your seat being surrounded by people fighting for space for their laptops is quite hard.
  5. The "networking" irony – I shouldn’t really complain since I’m a good example, but a room full of people learning about SOCIAL media is ironically quite hard to network in, as everyone is straight on to their blog / blackberry / phone the moment the session finishes!

I could have gone on with my first list I should say, overall the conference is going really well.

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Team Tamar

  • http://www.tamar.com Neil Jackson

    Henry, you are shameless!

  • http://www.aimClearBlog.com Marty (aimClear)

    Come over to the press room and we’ll have a chat about this…we’re here now 🙂 (front right)

  • http://www.aimClearBlog.com Marty (aimClear)

    Come over to the press room and we’ll have a chat about this…we’re here now 🙂 (front right)