18 October 2007 | Team Tamar

Skype users pass 10 million mark

Skype Logo
Double celebration for Skype

Skype has another reason to celebrate after the MySpace announcement blogged below, as it has just surpassed 10 million simultaneous users. The numbers have been steadily increasing since they passed the 1 million mark in 2004 and the 9 million user mark earlier this year.

It’s good to see some positive news after the technical issues back in August and the admission from Skype’s co-founder Niklas Zennstrom that Ebay had overpaid for Skype back in 2005.

From a personal point of view we love Skype and currently use it for communication between our international offices. If you haven’t already seen them check out these handsets from Ipevo – they’ve been around for a while, but new products are regularly brought out that just keep getting better and better.

Team Tamar

  • Johny

    Do you have some program for decodinc skype pass i need 1 🙂