10 October 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Russian Schools Get Linux

No More Microsoft Operating System?

Since the demise of the USSR, Russia has changed significantly in the light of democracy. This change has also come at a price where the education system has been caught using illegal copies of Microsoft products. This has had a knock on effect with schools being prosecuted, thus losing vital funding to educate its students.

With the move to open source Linux, it hopes to alleviate the financial burden upon the education system, whilst maintaining an excellent level of teaching Information Technology (IT) to its students.

Linux at glance:-

  • Choice of Graphical User Interface
  • Different Flavours’
  • No Cost
  • Multiple User system
  • Access to a whole range of applications
  • Developers around the world improving the product

With the Russian schools move to Linux, all software development within the schools will be Linux based, which is a big blow for the likes of Microsoft. Microsoft is trying to get developers on board by releasing a read only license of their .Net platform. By not supporting the Russian education system, Microsoft could potentially loose future revenue of their development software.

With all this in mind, the future does look very bright for Linux, and it could be the beginning of what maybe the dominant operating system of the future.


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Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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