24 October 2007 | Tanya Goodin

Report Google Bugs – Now!

Matt Cutts opens his ears

If you have noticed any bugs on Google, particularly the International versions, then Matt Cutts of Google wants to know. A few have already been identified such as issues with Firefox in Google Analytics, Adword account issues and so on.

If you have noticed any bugs then go here to report them. Nice of Google to to this, and not the first time! Matt is looking for things like ‘if we don’t handle the top-level domain of Serbia correctly, or if we don’t do a currency conversion correctly, or concrete things like that are welcome’.

One thing which was raised as a bug, but may just be a ‘feature’, is the non-UK News results in the UK results pages. The example was a search for Mortgages, check out the News results from Los Angeles, New York Times and CNN, on theme but little relevancy for UK users.

We have commented on this before but maybe it will get a closer look, even if not exactly a bug – we hope so!!   

Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

Founder of Tamar

  • Sharad Sharma

    the status message on GTalk often remains non-updated even though we have changed it scores of times.

  • http://www.google.co.in/ Sanjay


    1. I provide “google” text under search input box and submit it.
    2. I found 43 pages.
    3. When click on 42 link than application does not go 42 page it stay on 37 page.
    4. Reproduce for 38,39,40,41,42,43 pages.

    Please reply

  • Integer

    About the same problem as Sanjay reported.

    When looking for searchterm ‘kutvarken’ on the Dutch version of Google Images, 6 pages are reported to be found. Though when I reach the fifth page and want to switch to the sixth one (either by clicking number 6 or the next-arrow), it keeps selecting page 5.

  • todo

    found bug om google maps 40.705542,-74.013372 in NY street view

  • http://www.epicend.com Dylan

    not consistent bug

    1. Firefox 3.6.13, with WebDev plugin, disable javascript
    2. search for, web – for example, from G home
    3. Then choose ‘images’ view
    4. It shows search results in the old style search results

    screen grab of the the above with url, etc:
    (not spam btw)

    5. If I nav away, to video, for example, then go back to images via the images link, result display OK, i.e. images (minus js function still)

    6 – If you go from images to maps, it jumps to Places, then select images from here, the results look like a mobile version of the results.

    When you view the results in the above old style/layout for >web< search results number are random, from 2,830,000,000 to 3,210,000,000 (see attached link)

    With js enabled, normally, srch result number is: About 4,760,000,000 results (0.10 seconds)

  • j.w

    In Google ‘Documents’, when I change and intermix the size of the text (ie on the same line), the print page (preview) format is different! I google aware + can fix this bug?

  • http://www.nzsounds.co.nz/ Andrew

    My old site http://www.musicthingz.com has active for a number of years with 5500 products ranking number one on Google search results. I’ve changed this domain to NZSounds.co.nz , told webmaster of the domain change and 301 redirected all old URL’s to the new ones. However , now instead of my rankings being the same with the new URL – the old site has disappeared from Google SERPs and the new site (www.nzsounds.co.nz) is in GOogle’s database but not appearing at all unless searched via “site : http://www.nzsounds.co.nz“. I really thought Google was intelligent enough to cope with this request but months later we’ve essentially lost our business because all we wanted to do was change domain names…. when will this bug be fixed?

  • http://Googlechromeafter5pagesopenitwillfreeze Patrick R Hoover

    OK im haveing trouble here its my first, after browseing 5 pages it will freeze wont let me out of it… Its very slow to open google chrome,the page moves cant keep it centered where the tool signs are its now covered cant see it ,i tryed the trick alt,shift then move it will not respond !!! this is my reason i left windows /microsoft freezeing … i loved chrome in the beggining but its gotten worse !!!!! i used to be able to talk with many friends overseas int, but cant now an it wont download also !!!! Thank you i hope yous can get this working again !!!!! Patrick R Hoover