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Report Google Bugs – Now!

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
24 October 2007

Matt Cutts opens his ears

If you have noticed any bugs on Google, particularly the International versions, then Matt Cutts of Google wants to know. A few have already been identified such as issues with Firefox in Google Analytics, Adword account issues and so on.

If you have noticed any bugs then go here to report them. Nice of Google to to this, and not the first time! Matt is looking for things like ‘if we don’t handle the top-level domain of Serbia correctly, or if we don’t do a currency conversion correctly, or concrete things like that are welcome’.

One thing which was raised as a bug, but may just be a ‘feature’, is the non-UK News results in the UK results pages. The example was a search for Mortgages, check out the News results from Los Angeles, New York Times and CNN, on theme but little relevancy for UK users.

We have commented on this before but maybe it will get a closer look, even if not exactly a bug – we hope so!!   



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