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Annie Wakefield
Digital Marketing Manager
8 October 2007

Amazon searches produce surprise related search resultsAmazon_4

It’s always the same; someone always has to take things too far and spoil it for everyone! Last week it was discovered that Amazon’s on-site search engine produces some interesting related searches as a result of this being driven by similar searches made by the general public.

If you happen to search for a British ex-army singer with a new album out on the back of a successful first album you would find some very surprising results. Upon searching again this morning it appears Amazon have removed the related searches for this artist, however a quick search for ‘tedious’ is still pulling up the matches.

This follows on from notable Google bombings, one of the biggest of these was a specific set of keywords returning an anti-Bush site, and regular negative Wikipedia posts making it live before the trusty team of editors spot them (an ex-Sky saturday morning football show presenter being an example).

All good fun until it’s you or indeed your business in the line of fire; reputation management is crucial in this fast-paced world. However the power of online public opinion grows and grows…



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